What is Platonos?

Platonos finds a random user to discuss with you. All talks are public and everyone is anonymous.


  1. An author initiates a topic.
  2. A random match is invited.
  3. The match either accepts or rejects the talk. If accept, the talk starts immediately. If reject, another user is invited.
  4. The talk ends if any participant ends it.





Some of us love to get our minds bent. Sharing our deepest thoughts and getting them challenged is a great way to do that. However, certain social constraints often prevent us from doing that freely. Platonos is a platform for intellectual expressions, only your thoughts are your identity.

Any talk is rewarding if participants are open-minded and thoughtful. Any topic, without jargons, can be explained so that anyone could appreciate it. Everyone is worth talking with.

Contact us

Platonos is in an early stage. Any feedback, feature requests, and saying hi are very welcomed :)

Just shoot it here: hi@platonos.com